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Broadcasting Equipments
Control Room
  • Stereo Transmission Console XS 12A: 12 Channel Analog Console designed & developed by Electronics Research & Development Centre, Manufactured by Gujarat Communications & Electronics Ltd. (GCEL), Vadodara.
  • ABR 202a Satellite Downlink Receiver

Playback Studio (Primary Channel)
  • D 75 - 8 Channel Digital Audio Mixer Console by Audioarts.

FM Transmitter
     2 Nos. 5 KW GCEL 136 VHF FM Transmitter
    • GCEL 136 is fully solid state design conforming to the state-of-art technology in the field of broadcasting equipments.
    • The VHF exciter equipped with stereo coder sends a frequency –modulated mono or stereo signal in the frequency range 87.5 MHz.
    • The Transmitter frequency is crystal controlled and can be set in steps of 10 KHz over the entire frequency range using a synthesizer.
    • The switch on control unit is equipped with a simple automatic switchover for operation in passive VHF exciter standby.
    • Solid state VHF power amplifier connected with suitable power couplers. In case of testing or failure , it can be suitably patched to dummy antenna, manually.
    • The transformer carriage provides the smoothed DC voltage required for the amplifier.
    • Additional protection provided by power relays which change over the transformer tappings in case of 3-phase voltage variation.
    • The VHF amplifier units are cooled with the aid of rack-integrated blowers.
    • The 1.5 KW RF power of the amplifier blocks are obtained by broadband push-pull amplifiers(class-c) connected in parallel using willkinson couplers.
    • Overall efficiency of total transmitter is high to economise the power requirement.
    • Plug-in RF power transistors and the use of strip-line circuits ( no adjustment required after replacement of transistor) provides increased servicing ease.
    • Solid state control logic is used for effective protective control and for visual indications of the operating status of transmitters system.
    • The equipment is rugged in construction and it is easier to install the same at site because of single frame construction of racks.
     Switching Console: X062A 6 Channel (Mono) Analog Switching Console by Keltron.

Talk (Recording) Studio
     M162B 8 Channel Analog (mono) Recording Audio Mixer Console by Keltron.

Music (Recording) Studio
     RS 12A Stereo Recording Audio Mixer Console by ER&DC.

Testing & Measurement Equipments

   The AA 501A is a fully automatic distortion analyzer packaged as a two-wide TM 500 plug-in. Total harmonic distortion is measured with the standard instrument. Option 01 instruments also measure SMPTE/DIN intermodulation distortion and CCIF two-tone difference frequency distortion. In addition, option 02 instruments permit noise measurements in accordance with CCIR recommendation 468-2 or DIN  45405.
     Distortion set level, frequency tuning and nulling are fully automatic , requiring no operator adjustment.  Input level  range and  distortion measurement range selections are fully automatic or may be manually selected. Distotion readout is provided in percent or  dB.
     The  AA 501A is also a high sensitivity, autoranging , audio frequency voltmeter. Readings may be in volts, dBm , or dB relative to any arbitrary reference.

  • Up to 192 kHz/ 24 bit
  • Sync input (AES3 , word clock, video )
  • Supports Dolby Digital , E, PL , II , DTS
  • Channel Transparency Check
  • Channel Delay Measurement
     The Digirator DR2 is a reference grade digital audio signal generator with transformer balanced AES3, S/PDIF and ADAT outputs. Beside a comprehensive set of audio test signals , the DR2 also supports surround sound test sequences for verification and adjustment of professional Dolby Digital, Dolby E and DTS installations. The internal low jitter clock generator can be synchronized to AES3, DARS, Word clock and Video signals. Measurements of channel transparency , channel propagation delay and sample frequency is supported.

The Model  4314B Thruline wattmeter is a portable insertion type RF wattmeter designed to measure power flow and load match in 50 ohm coaxial transmission lines. It is intended for use on CW, AM, FM, SSB, TV and pulse signals only.
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