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Instrumental Orchestra : Sanchalita
Composed by Debapratim Roy
Sitar : Debapratim Roy
Esraj : Parbati Charan Chattopadhyay
Guitar : Amit Modak
Keyboard : Supriya Banerjee
Spanish Guitar : Raja Gurung
Percussion : Shankar Debnath
Octopad : Dhrubojyoti Roy
Tabla : Debashis Sarkar
Raag Gaoti (sitar) by Debapratim Roy
Dekhechho Ki Taare - Light Instrumental Music by Amit Modak
Jago Mohan Pritam - Light Instrumental Music by Amit Modak
Bhadu Puja is observed in the Bengali month of Bhadra (mid august- mid September) and is a very common festival of the villagers of purulia. It is a popular belief that worshipping Bhadu Devi enables childless  women to bear children. With this belief women sing Bhadu songs.
Artists- Jyoti Das, Subhendu Maity and party , Kana Bhadra & artists of Grameen Geeti Sanstha
Bhawaiya is a musical form or a popular folk music in northern Bangladesh and in Coach-behar , Jalpaiguri and North Dinajpur district of West Bengal. The folk song is sung traditionally both solo & by chorus.
Artists- Lalit Chandra Roy and Latika Adhikary.
Gajan is a very popular festival in purulia. Gajan songs are sung in praise of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati in the Bengali month of chitra. Songs are sung and dances to the accompaniment of the Dhol,  Kanshi and Flute.
Artists- Swapan Mukherjee , Buddhadeb Roy & party  & Dr. Tapan Roy.
One of the oldest Bangla folk music genres is known as Ghentu Gaan. It is a form of song performed by a single individual or groups varying in diverse range of arrangements.
Artists- Satyacharan Porel  & party of Goursundar Gayen.
Kabigaan is a form of Bengali folk performance wherein folk poets sing and perform.Kavigaan is normally sung by two groups. Each group is led by a Rabiyaal. The accompanying singers are called Dohars. Kabigaan is also referred to as ‘Kabir Larai’.
Artists- Sanat Biswas and party.
Patua is a form of  scroll painting indigenous to west Bengal. They narrate mythological and historical stories and are part of an elaborate cultural performance where the story accompanying the pictures is sung. The patuas of midnapore have practiced this art for centuries.
Artists- Bijoy Chitrakar , Fuljan Chitrakar, Golab Chitrakar & Noorjahan Chitrakar.
Tarja is a form of folk poetry contest from Bengal with a long tradition. The music grown out of this poetry contest has a particular flavor in it. It used to be performed in the village gathering. The themes of the contest are usually taken from Ramayana , Mahabharat or Puranas.
Artists – Meghnath Mondal & party.
Tusu is a religious festival where the village girls and women sing Tusu songs during the month of paush , the first month of winter.Tusu songs are sung for the whole night of ‘Makar Shankranti'. women exchange garlands and    eight varieties of pulses which are given as an offering to goddess Tusu.
Artists- Jyoti Das, Subhendu Maity and party.
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